How to Be an Economic Hero in 2009

Maybe you've taken a hit, too. The numbers you see in the news these days are grim. First-time unemployment claims shot up to 586,000 at the end of 2008. A 1.6% drop in consumer spending was the worst since the government first began measuring this data back in 1959.

And the numbers don't tell the full story. Nothing can convey the fear and humiliation of a failed business. Or the shame when your home is on the chopping block, and you have to tell your family that things haven't been working out the way you originally intended.

But I'm not afraid, even though the headlines are filled with bad news. I've found a way out, and I'll share it with you if you meet three simple qualifications.

There's a small handful of elite heroes who have cracked the code. They're calmly growing their business and their net worth in the midst of the storm. Bravely securing recognition and new clients where their competitors have given ground. Wisely building a strong position that will prepare them for explosive growth when the global market booms in another year or two.

Recession isn't for everybody

There's really nothing new about this. The wealthiest and most successful people in business have always made their most successful moves when everybody else was hunkering down, afraid to take any risk.

"Millionaire-Maker" Dan Kennedy got his start in the recession of the 1970s, when interest rates were at 14% and unemployment stagnated in the double digits. Around this same time, a young man named Bill Gates was starting a small computer company.

What you do this year, this month, what you do TODAY has an impact on your fortune for the next 30 years.

Napoleon Hill wrote the classic, Think and Grow Rich, at the height of the Great Depression. None of the business giants he studied were idle during this time. Sam Walton "chose not to participate" in the Depression, and instead he opened up the department store that would later grow into Wal-Mart.

Meet the Three Heroes of 2009

Even now, while you're thinking about what to do in the coming year, mulling over your list of resolutions, a small team of heroes are on their feet, taking action, guaranteeing themselves a prosperous 2009 and a phenomenal life beyond.

I'll show you the way, but you need to qualify by embodying the traits of these three heroes.

The Learner: You are smart, open-minded, ready to use the current macro situation to try out your best new ideas. This is the time to be curious, to test and try out new things, while the status quo is crumbling.

The Teacher: You will be rewarded for sharing your knowledge. You've got special talents, skills, and experiences that can empower others right now. If you can teach your clients, peers, and prospects how to be better and more efficient your rewards are financial and more besides.

The Entrepreneur: Now more than ever, you're the backbone of this economy. There are roughly 44 million small businesses in the United States. If each one did well enough to hire a single employee this year, you'll create 44 million new jobs-far better than Obama's 5 million job goal. The large institutions have failed us. Some of them don't exist anymore. The world belongs to you.

Today you have an opportunity that may never come again. Your competitors have cut and run. The usual marketing "noise" is unusually silent. The networking and advertising venues that were cluttered a year ago are now wide open and free for the taking.

Your customers and prospects are looking for solutions, for leadership, for a way out. As you offer them help, you lay the groundwork for explosive growth when things turn around. 2009 is the year you position yourself as a leader in your field.

The learners, teachers, and entrepreneurs are the three heroes of 2009. If you can understand and adapt their traits, you're halfway there. Now all you need to do is master the key ingredient that powers every successful business venture.

The Most Important Tool for the Business Hero

No matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how fantastic your products, nothing happens until you make a sale. This is the biggest obstacle for most entrepreneurs.

You'd like to develop products and test new procedures, but you're forced to spend endless time making cold calls, attending networking events, shaking hands and schmoozing. 

There's only one way out of this trap. Create a selling system that attracts leads so that prospects come to you. Your system pre-screens and pre-sells your prospects. When you talk to them in person or on the phone, they're already eager to do business with you.

There are a few different ways to do this.

You can always go to the library, and read a dozen books on copywriting, marketing, and advertising. You can spend several hours a day practicing the principles you learn, and after a few years you'll get pretty good at it.

If that seems to long, you've got another option. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars to engage an ad agency to create an ad campaign. There will be no accountability, possibly no true way to measure your Return On Investment. You'll need to hire a sales and customer service staff to field all the calls and inquiries this will generate, and then you'll still have to actually "sell" to all these new leads.

Lucky for you, there's a better way. I can build the system for you. I've spent most of 2008 preparing the Hero's Marketing System. I consulted with my best clients to see what works and what doesn't. I reviewed all of my campaigns, and isolated four key elements that are always a part of every successful marketing campaign.

I'm ready to customize the Hero's Marketing System for you. Once everything is in place, it practically runs on auto-pilot. All you have to do is qualify. And I think you already know how to qualify. You must become like all three of the Three Marketing Heroes of 2009.

First, you must be a learner. You have an open mind, and you're willing and able to try new tactics in response to new conditions. You see possibility and opportunity where others only see bad news. If you can't adapt in this changing market, then I can't help you.

Second, you must be a teacher. While you keep your best secrets under wraps, you're not afraid to share a lot of knowledge about your business. You empower and enlighten your clients. You're not afraid of giving away too much, because you know that over the long term you'll win respect and recognition. You're out to become a known expert, and a beacon of light in dark times.

The flip side of being a teacher is that your knowledge has value. As part of the Hero's Marketing System, I'll help you publish books, CDs, and videos that people will buy. You gain an additional stream of income, even while you attract a larger core of serious, motivated clients.

Finally, you must be an entrepreneur. This system is not for timid pretenders who hide under the couch whenever they hear the word "recession." If you're in multi-level marketing, or sold on some other easy-money, get-rich-quick scheme, then this system is not for you.

This system is for the true business hero. You're ready to seize the advantage that these changing times have brought. You've got a strong sense of purpose, the desire to disrupt business as usual, a craving for adventure and the rewards that come with it.

4 Keys to a Heroic 2009

As a business hero, there are four keys to this system. First, I'm going to give you a road map. If I decide to work with you, you'll get a focused suite of coaching and planning tips and sessions before we even start. The core of this is the 37-Minute Marketing Plan that you may have already heard about from other entrepreneurs.

Second, I'll build the marketing infrastructure that keeps this system going. Depending on the strategy we adopt, I'll write you a squeeze page, a brochure that's packed with direct response elements, and fresh new content for your web site. These are the hard-working tools that keep selling for you while you're doing the important work of your trade. 

Also, for the first time ever, I'm helping clients build a Solar Flare Package. This is a secret weapon I learned about from a self-made millionaire in my mastermind group. I might get in trouble for divulging this, but it's worth it because it stuns every new prospect and gives you the power to totally eclipse anyone who is competing with you for a project.

Finally, I'll put your marketing plan into action. You'll get a professional email, direct mail, or postcard campaign based on the strategy we develop together. This will be a multi-message sequence designed to build on your past and recent efforts.

And that's still not the whole story. You see, most agencies and "consultants" merely do there work and then leave you to sink or swim on your own. But I'm going to follow-up and stay in touch with you throughout the new year to make sure your plan stays on course.

The Hero's Marketing System 2009

If you tried to get me to perform all of these services separately, you'd have to suffer through a 2-3 month waiting list, and then it would cost you several thousand dollars.

But I'm giving you the hero's treatment. Let me sum up everything I'll going for you, and break out the total cost. Then I'll let you in on the hero's discount for 2009:

All this, a grand total of $4,485 in proven service, comes with my 100%, set-in-stone three-part guarantee.

But for the whole year, all of 2009, you can get the entire hero's package for just $2009. That's more than two thousand dollars in savings!

All you have to do is enter your name and email below. Then I'll send you instructions on how to download The Hero's Nine, a set of questions that will help us figure out the best strategies for your business. In fact, even if we don't end up working together, this questionnaire will give you a valuable insights to help you boost your business in 2009 and beyond. It's one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I'm accepting these questionnaires on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you finish the questions, send them back to me by email or fax. If I decide to work with you I'll contact you for the next steps.


If you're not sure whether you really want to do this, I'll make it easier for you.

I know we're in the middle of a credit crunch, so I'm willing to give you some credit. If I decide to accept you for the 2009 Hero's Marketing Plan, you can split your payment into 4 installments. I also accept all major credit cards.

Want a smaller package?

The Heroes 2009 package is available at the recession-slaying price of only $2009, more than two thousand bucks in savings, for the entire year. But I've also got some special January discounts for those who want to take smaller steps.

When I write content for you, it goes beyond the rules and formulas that anyone can adopt. I interview your best clients to gain insights about what makes your business unique. (Often this can yield powerful testimonials that are worth the fee you've paid me by themselves).

Then I prepare multiple drafts based on time-tested principles of selling and copywriting-but I add my own "secret ingredients" to create unique content that none of your competitors can replicate.

Even if you're not ready for the 2009 Hero's Plan (the best value I can offer you), you'll still get a lot of mileage from these other triple-guaranteed services*:

Brand new copy for your website or brochure, or rewrite the content you already have: Usually $950 or more, but just $750 for January and February only. (Call or send an email for details)

A sequenced letter or email campaign, up to 3 parts: Normally $749 and up, your cost is just $650 for January and February only. (Call me or send an email to find out more or to get on my calendar)

Your own 37-Minute Marketing Plan: $499
(The "37 Minutes" is a misnomer, because I put 6 hours or more into the preparation and research before we finally sit down for out 37-minute scheduled session. You answer a brief set of questions by phone or email, I put in hours of brainstorming and prep work based on your information, and then we schedule a 37-minute phone call that will give you enough business-building ideas for a whole year of solid growth. Shoot me an email or call 213-427-9288 if you want to know more)

My Exclusive, Heart-Stopping, 3-part Guarantee
(No other copywriter or ad agency has the courage to offer this!)

It's as simple as 1,2,3:

  1. If  I miss a deadline or otherwise fail you in any way, the service is free
  2. If you pay for any consulting service, such as the 37-minute marketing plan, and you're not absolutely thrilled with the ideas you gain, you get a full refund. If you are thrilled with the new ideas you gain, and you want me to help you implement your plan, the full amount you paid will be credited towards any project fees. You essentially get $500 to spend on copywriting
  3. If you're feeling saucy, we can work out a commission-based, profit-sharing agreement. You won't pay a single dollar unless and until I make money for you.

*I can only accept a limited number of projects per month, and there is often a waiting list of several weeks. All of these offers are subject to approval and availability.